About the Models

For more than 25 years i have had the privilege of photographing beautiful, glamorous women all over the world. On numerous occasions i judged and sponsored Miss USA beauty pageants which gave me a unique insight into the competitive world of glamour. The selection process for women wanting to enter the glamour business whether it be Miss USA, Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Venus swimsuit, Victoria Secret, Playboy magazine or as a successful runway or print model, is daunting. The point of all this is that i have spent a great deal of time on the inside of this highly selective industry which for a glamour photographer is hallowed ground. At the same time you become somewhat immune to the raw power of the female form and all her charms. Ultimately people are like diamonds some sparkle and then there is the odd one that simply dazzles, the primary difference are the eyes, the eyes tell the story, they are the domain of inner beauty. Real Glamour models tend to be more at ease with their sexuality and will typically push the envelope, the focus is always edgy, provocative and sometimes erotic but always tasteful, engaging and memorable.

Christopher Francis.