Real Glamour History

As an inquisitive adolescent, my formative years in Australia were shaped by an era complete with go-go girls, big hair and mini skirts, James bond movies, Playboy magazine and the explosion of the sexual revolution. By the time I was an adult I was on an unmistakable path leading to a lifetime love of the female form and glamour in all its manifestations. 
From the beginning of recorded history women have remained at the center of the male experience. My awakening began in an era with images of Brigitte Bardot, Anne Margret, Catherine Deneuve and Grace Kelly, to see Jane Fonda debut in the movie Barbarella was hypnotic and trans-formative for an ambitious spellbound teenager.
When I was 22 my girlfriend won the title of Miss Australia, suddenly I had ringside seats into that world where Image and glamour was everything both real and imagined.
I learned quickly that transformation is the key to enduring success in that competitive world where women relentlessly push the envelope using the tools of the trade; personality, natural beauty and more often than not, raw sexuality.
For most, it is survival of the fittest in an industry where there are very few rules or guidance. It is an intense breeding ground for both success and failure, I have witnessed everything from extreme dysfunction to total nirvana, few endure and those that do are generally the ones that you remember. 
I left Australia and soon found myself owning a photography studio in Houston Texas where I studied under two celebrated portrait photographers, Don Blair and Frank Criccio, both were absolute masters of lighting and at that time the most decorated photographers in North America.
During my time in Houston cosmetics Giant Lancome featured me in a month long promotion that literally took off and i ended up photographing over 400 women; it was then that my popularity as a glamour photographer gained significant momentum.
I eventually spent a number of years living in New Orleans which was wonderful and  photographed a lot of beautiful women there. A business opportunity took me to Alberta Canada where i purchased a large log and stone cabin on a nature reserve in the Rocky Mountains, which I named “Wavehill”. You will see many photographs on the website taken at this magical location, which is totally immersed in nature and picture perfect landscapes.
Although my photography continues to take me to various parts of the world, for half my life I have spent my summers at my home in NIce on the French Riviera. Nice is a  special part of the world that is filled with passion and celebration, a place were glamour and sexuality unite to form a part of everyday life, it is a photographers paradise. The magical natural light there continues to inspire the great artists of the world. Masters, such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Renoir to name but a few were all drawn to the stunning beauty of the Riviera and unique quality of life. 
It is there in Monaco that i met the revered photographer Helmut Newton, many times we swam in the early mornings at the Monte Carlo beach club. He was thought of as a renegade and provocateur, but I found his unique style, quite manner and quick wit to be a great inspiration. His lifetime commitment and legacy of photographing beautiful women will endure and continue to inspire photographers of the female form for generations, he was a pioneer, who pushed the envelope and he never asked for permission or made apologies, it was an honour to have known him.
It wasn’t long before I found myself deep in the world of glamour, where I judged and / or sponsored many Mis USA state beauty pageants.
On one memorable occasion I was judging the Miss Louisiana beauty pageant where Miss Ali Landry was crowned. I then sponsored her into the Miss USA beauty pageant and had the privilege of walking her off the stage when she won Miss USA. I also sponsored her homecoming, it was quite a scene to see her substantial entourage and security guards arrive in limousines at the French Quarter in New Orleans.
 The Real Glamour women come from all walks of life and are at various stages of their careers. Sometimes I attend special events such as those at the Playboy mansion and the Cannes film festival on the French Riviera, these events attract a host of women, many of which aspire to be immortalised through photography.
If I have learned anything, it is that it is almost impossible for a man to understand the true essence of a woman, as a photographer the best that one can hope for is to try and capture that essence on film.
It takes time to gain the trust of the models, which is why I make a special effort to really get to know them, gaining their trust, understanding their boundaries and temperament is the key to creating outstanding images.
My photographs and fine art images represent years of dedication, extensive travel and a host of extraordinary experiences all over the world. I tend to push for shots and I believe in capturing everything.  My attitude is that there is nothing outstanding about an image if it doesn't  have energy, shape, form, and texture and above all engage the viewer.
Although i love my photographs as much as the fine art images. The age of digital tools in the right hands and museum quality giclée printing on canvas have finally allowed fine art and photography to unite, resulting in exciting imagery that i believe is another page turned in the evolution of art forms.
I have not yet exhausted my thirst for creating fine art imagery where beautiful women interact with the magical settings that the world has to offer; thankfully there is an inexhaustible supply of both.